The Power to Solve Waste

Seizing Challenges to Reimagine Recycling 

At AMP, we’re modernizing and scaling the world’s recycling infrastructure. By applying AI and automation to the challenges of waste sortation, our solutions enable the economical recovery of commodities for the global supply chain.

Headquartered and with manufacturing operations in Colorado, we build and deploy technology that solves the central challenges of recycling. AMP transforms the economics of the waste industry to make recycling more efficient, cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable.

With hundreds of systems installed across three continents, we’re increasing the value that can be extracted from recyclable material through superior separation, purity, and identification of material. We’re always seeking ways to better our operations, raise the bar on innovation, and collaborate and improve each day on what we do.

Overcoming Recycling's Headwinds

The global recycling industry faces challenges on multiple fronts. In 2017, China and other international importers of recyclables enacted stricter requirements on the purity of materials destined for recycling. COVID-19 exacerbated these challenges, forcing many businesses to suspend operations due to concerns for worker safety. At the same time, the pandemic increased demand for high-quality recycled feedstock to overcome supply chain interruptions and shifts in raw material availability.

AMP’s intelligent automation offers a path for the industry to overcome these challenges by modernizing America's recycling infrastructure. Our technology has the power to keep businesses running, ensure worker safety, increase productivity, improve bale purity, overcome labor shortages, lower the costs to recycle, divert materials from landfill, and increase overall rates of recycling and resource recovery.

Advancing Economic Prosperity

AMP technology provides a solution for modernizing a recycling workforce that has been chronically hard to fill, and creates new jobs in manufacturing and other areas of the recycling industry. By advancing a more circular economy, we're helping address the burgeoning issue of waste and pollution by keeping materials in use. At a time when recycling rates are chronically low, we’re shifting the focus beyond what’s recyclable to what actually gets recycled. In addition to the environmental benefits of an effective recycling system, recycling produces the raw material required for the manufacture of a wide range of products and packaging, and safeguards the continuity and vitality of our global supply chain.

Working at AMP

Join us on our mission to revolutionize the way we recycle.


What I get most excited about over the long term is by making recycling this fundamentally better business, you not only create an incentive to expand it in the U.S. or Europe, but in the developing world, and you can really make a huge impact.

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