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Imagine a world where the resources we consume are recaptured and reused in a continuous loop. A world where anything can be recycled, and everything is. A world where abundant recycled resources reduce the need for mining, logging, and petroleum extraction. At AMP, you're not just imagining this world. You're helping to build it.

Now is the Time
to Solve Waste.

We areAmbitious Optimists

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Our concern about humans’ environmental impact is matched by our belief that it’s something we can change. We thrive on redefining what’s possible and using technology to build a new reality.

We bringinnovative solutions

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We believe that innovation requires looking at a problem from multiple perspectives to create more enduring outcomes. This approach is the foundation of how we deliver solutions to shape the future of sustainability and facilitate the global transition to a cleaner, decarbonized world.

We areA global company

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Since AMP’s inception, we’ve grown from a small team attempting to prove that the application of AI, machine learning, and robotics can transform recycling, to a company with a fleet of hundreds of automated sorting systems operating in 10 countries spanning three continents. Everyone at AMP is united by our mission to enable a world without waste—and we're just getting started.

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