Know what you’re sorting, and what you’re shipping.

50+ Categories
Identify all the valuable materials in your material stream with accuracy.
AMP Vision systems deployed globally.
75+ Billion
Vision employs the largest real-world data set of recyclable materials.

See It. Know It.

AMP Vision™ is a modular computer vision system that drops into key stages of your operation. Understand your material flow from inbound processing to bale QC to the end of the line.

How do AMP Technologies Fit In My MRF?

Vision That Learns

High Speed

AMP Vision™ delivers accurate material characterization at belt speeds up to 600 feet/minute and 80% belt coverage, so you can maintain efficient operations.

Visible Light Cameras

AMP Vision uses RGB cameras to scan material, significantly lowering the cost of each system compared to expensive IR systems. Each image is processed by AMP AI—our proprietary artificial intelligence system—to identify items by material type, form factor, color, polymer, and even brand.

Waste Analysis

The data collected by AMP Vision powers AMP Insight: our data-rich analytics platform that provides material counts and mass, tracks trends, and drives operational decisions to increase profit.

High Definition

AMP Vision delivers high-resolution images of your material stream.

Case Study


11+Additional Tons of Recovered Material Per Month

See The Insights That Drive Profitability

AMP Insight™

AMP Vision is a key technology behind AMP Insight, our real-time analytics platform that drives profitability by putting your operational performance and material stream characterization data in the palm of your hand.



The first zero-manual-sortation MRF, AMP ONE facilities deploy Smart Sortation at scales of 15–100k+ ton/year. Ready to commission in only 9 months.

Put the power of AMP Smart Sortation™ to work for you.