Air-jet sortation for in-stream QC

Hyper Compact
Microjet air nozzles fit virtually anywhere in your MRF.
Easy To Install
Mounts quickly on the side of conveyor belts.
High Efficiency
Capture more value without additional manual labor.

Instantly Upgrade QC

Our most compact, easiest-to-install sortation solution, AMP Microjet™ employs air nozzles that fire from the side of a conveyor belt for high-efficiency sortation on lower-volume lines.

How do AMP Technologies Fit In My MRF?

Small footprint.
Big results.

Hyper Compact

AMP Microjet mounts virtually anywhere in your MRF to provide additional QC capacity with no added labor.

AI Vision

Microjet employs AMP Vision and AMP AI to identify individual items by material type, form factor, color, and polymer, while also tracking material counts and mass of the belt where Microjet is mounted.

High-Efficiency Sortation

A belt-mounted air jet nozzle fires from the side of the conveyor belt to capture valuable commodities that would otherwise be lost.

Results You Can See

AMP Insight™

Track the performance of Microjet with AMP Insight, our real-time analytics platform that drives profitability by putting operational results and material stream characterization data in the palm of your hand. 



The first zero manual sortation labor MRF, AMP ONE facilities deploy Smart Sortation at scales of 15–100k+ ton/year. Ready to commission in only 9 months.

Put the power of AMP Smart Sortation™ to work for you.