Solve the challenge of flexible film

Cleaner Fiber
Improve the quality of your fiber lines by automating 2D and flexible film removal.
Improved Efficiency
Reducing film tangles in downstream equipment saves on maintenance and downtime.
Extract film from a broad range of feedstocks.

Transform Contamination into Value

AMP Vac™ removes the thin film that clogs equipment and contaminates bale purity with an array of belt-mounted vacuum tubes, creating high-quality sellable source material for pyrolysis.

How do AMP Technologies Fit In My MRF?

Better Operations.
Better Quality. 

Low Balance of Plant

AMP Vac mounts to your existing 48”–72” belts, including angles of up to 20°, and directs outflow via ducting to a convenient collection location.

High Speed

AMP Vac can collect film at up to 120 picks/minute, replacing as many as five human sorters.

Waste Analysis

The data collected by AMP Vision powers AMP Insight: our data-rich analytics platform that provides material counts and mass, tracks trends, and drives operational decisions to increase profit.

See the Insights That Drive Profitability

AMP Insight™

Every Vac connects to AMP Insight, our real-time analytics platform that drives profitability by putting your operational performance and material stream characterization data in the palm of your hand. 



The first zero manual sortation labor MRF, AMP ONE facilities deploy Smart Sortation at scales of 15–100k+ ton/year. Ready to commission in only 9 months.

Put the power of AMP Smart Sortation™ to work for you.