The Power to Sort More

AMP Smart Sortation™ unlocks the value in your waste stream by accurately identifying and capturing materials across more than 50 categories.

Single Stream

Automate the sortation of single-stream recyclables with the first zero-manual-sortation MRF.

  • Space Efficient

    The compact design of AMP ONE enables deployments as small as 10,000 square feet—or large enough to handle a whole wasteshed.

  • Pay-Per-Ton

    Let AMP handle the sortation. Our service model means you only have to drop off and pick up—we do the rest.

  • Maximum Diversion

    Adapt your sortation in real time to meet market pricing, maximize performance, and unlock new feedstocks.

Sized to Solve

AMP's AI-powered sortation technologies eliminate bulky industrial equipment and bloated operating costs. Adaptable to the unique challenges of your feedstock and regional volume, AMP ONE facilities are available in a range of sizes and customized to your needs. From 10,000 square foot “spoke” installations that fit in your existing facility to full-scale “hubs” capable of handling sortation for an entire wasteshed, AMP ONE’s space-efficient form factor unlocks new possibilities for more efficient sortation of single stream recyclables.

Continuous Characterization

AMP Smart Sortation™ systems have AI-powered cameras at every point in the plant, enabling a comprehensive understanding of your material from infeed to finished bales. This can be used to track composition for different routes and run periods, to fulfill EPR compliance, and to run your facility more efficiently.

Vested Interest

Unlike other technology developers who sell equipment and walk away, AMP’s sortation-service model means we’re responsible for ensuring our technology works. By integrating the innovation and operation of our sortation technology, we put ourselves on the hook to solve problems and deliver results. 

Know the Composition of Every Bale

AMP Smart Tons™

When you sort Single Stream in an AMP ONE facility, you not only capture more value—you get transparency into the composition of every finished bale. Sell with the confidence that only comes with knowing exactly what you’re supplying.


Sort Single Stream with AMP Technology



The first zero manual sortation labor MRF, AMP ONE facilities deploy Smart Sortation at scales of 15–100k+ ton/year. Ready to commission in only 9 months.

Put the power of AMP Smart Sortation™ to work for you